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Re: rear caliper won't come off disk

In a message dated 96-05-04 14:00:05 EDT, you write:

>I've having trouble with my Coupe Q's rear brake pad replacement.
>I cant get the caliper and pads off of the disk once I've undone the 2 allen
>screws that hold the caliper to the hub.  I've got a small lip on the outer
>edge of my disk and can't slide the pads off past it......and there's no
>place to use a C clamp to expand it.  Let me know if anyone has any ideas or
>solutions to  get the caliper and pads off the disk....
>Christian Long
>1990 90
>1990 Coupe Q


I don't know if your Coupe Q has similar calipers with the 4Kcsq but on my 4K
I had to remove the bolts to the guide pins in order to separate the caliper
from the rotor.  Hold the guide pin with an open end wrench as you loosen the
bolt. This sepasrates the brake pad carrier from the caliper.   Hope this

Bruce Johnson
85 4Kcsq
Olympia, WA