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Re: A couple of general questions...

At 05:45 AM 5/5/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I've got a few general questions:
>1) I'm in the process of removing the car phone that came with my car when I
>bought it ... the antenna on the rear window is resisting my efforts to come
>off gracefully and I'm reluctant to force it given the cost of replacing the
>unique "quattro" glass.  I checked with a shop but they wouldn't tell me how
>to it since they usually charge for this service...  Any tips?
Cellular antennas are generally bonded to the windows using double sided
foam tape.  The best way to remove this that I have found is to put steady
traction on it from one side to kind of peel it up.  If that doesn't work,
try using a razor blade to split the tape in two.

>2) The Bentley manual for the '89 200q does not show how to remove the front
>speaker grills so I can replace the speakers ... any clues/tips?
If you refer to the speakers in the dash, on my '86 5kq there is a little
louver thing on the side of the speaker grill that you pry off to expose two
screws.  Remove the screws and the grill lifts off (has tabs on the other side).


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