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A4Q wins SATCC race at Kyalami...


KYALAMI, ZA <Colin Windell>: Audi again took control of the AA 
Fleetcare Super Touring Championship with Terry Moss taking his 
Rothmans Audi A4 to victory in both races at Kyalami on Saturday while 
team mate Chris Aberdein notched up third and second place points.

Grant McCleery put his Opel Vectra on pole for the first race - and 
eight lap sprint - with Michael Briggs seventh fastest, just 0,3 
seconds slower! However, Moss judged things right and blasted through 
from the second row of the grid in Turn 2 (now the Pennzoil Curves) to 
take the lead he was to hold to the finish. McCleery tucked in behind 
him and ran the race in second place some 2,33 seconds behind the 
leader with Aberdein third and just not able to catch and pass the 

Deon Joubert in the Motorplan BMW drove aggressively trying to catch 
Aberdein but had to settle for fourth ahead of Craig Baird (BMW 
Envirocar) and Shaun van der Linde (BMW Envirocar). Briggs ran sixth 
in the Opel Vectra until lap five when he locked his brakes in WesBank 
Corner and slid off the circuit.

In the second race, a 16-lapper, Moss was taken by surprise as Van der 
Linde's BMW blasted through into the lead. In the first race Van der 
Linde experimented with a longer first gear but went back to the 
standard setup for the second race. It worked, and he led the opening 
laps, driving close to the limit while trying to conserve his tyres. 
With 10 laps to go the BMW was sliding wildly and both Moss and 
Aberdein were able to get past.

Van der Linde held on for third place ahead of Michael Briggs, Grant 
McCleery and Deon Joubert with Julian Bailey in the Minolta Toyota 
Camry in seventh spot.

1X8 LAPS + 1X16 LAPS - 102,24 km, MAY 04,

Race 1: 1, Terry Moss (Audi A4 quattro), 14m16,10s, 145 km/h; 2, Grant 
McCleery (Opel Vectra), 14m18,44s; 3, Chris Aberdein (Audi A4 
quattro), 14m18,92s; 4, Deon Joubert (BMW 318i), 14m21,08s; 5, Craig 
Baird (BMW 318i), 14m26,81s; 6, Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318i), 
14m27,10s; 7, Giniel de Villiers (Nissan Sentra), 14m27,24s; 8, Julian 
Bailey (Toyota Camry), 14m27,57s; 9, Anthony Taylor (Toyota Camry), 
14m32,44s; 10, Duncan Vos (Nissan Sentra), 14m33,03s.

Race 2: 1, Terry Moss (Audi A4 quattro), 28m35,43s, 145 km/h; 2, Chris 
Aberdein (Audi A4 quattro), 28m35,70s; 3, Shaun van der Linde (BMW 
318i), 28m44,57s; 4, Michael Briggs (Opel Vectra), 28m45,57s; 5, Grant 
McCleery (Opel Vectra), 28m53,77s; 6, Deon Joubert (BMW 318i), 
28m55,33s; 7, Julian Bailey (Toyota Camry), 29m00,20s; 8, Hennie 
Groenewald (Audi 80 quattro), 29m07,59s; 9, Giniel de Villiers (Nissan 
Sentra), 29m07,60s; 10, Duncan Vos (Nissan Sentra), 29m 08,08s.

Championship Positions (after 6 rounds): 1, Moss 30 points; 2, 
Aberdein 28; 3, Briggs 23; 4, McCleery 19; 5, Van der Linde 16; 6, 
Joubert/Baird/Vos 7.

Manufacturers Points: 1, BMW 66; 2, Audi/Opel 54; 4, Toyota 51; 5, 
Nissan 26.