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Subject Actually A!Avantgarde (Frank Found 'Em)


I know some of you (like myself) were looking for the tuning boys of 
A!Avantgarde.  My search was not fruitful, but Frank Bauer sent me the 
following message:
>i just got my june ec mag yesterday. it includes the "audi a4 tuner's guide" 
and the project >a4q intro.  don't walk, run down to 9460 s santa monica 
bl in 90210.  there you will find
>topline motorsports, purported to be the source for A!Avant Garde toys.  the 
phone is


I know "Cyborg" and someone else was looking for them.  As previously 
mentioned, the job they did in the UK mag (not rag, it is very funny and 
complete) Performance Car on an A4 was better than any Nothelle or Zender 
spiff I have seen.

I am going to check them out, but probably not until next weekend.

There was also an article in the Deutsche mag Auto und Sport that has a 
WHOLE section on Audi tuning.  I have never seen so many cool wagons, 
sedans, seats and other expensive stuff in my life.  My forgetfulness 
from four years of HS and four years of college German did not warrant 
spending 10 bucks on something that would take me a whole night to 

Tune it up, gentlemen.


The Judge
90 80Q (Terror of Los Angeles)
86 VW  Scirocco 16V Wolfsburg
85 5KCS  (not missed at all)