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QC History

 We will be responding to your questions over the next couple of days.

 When was the Quattro club founded?  The Quattro Club was founded in 1986 by
Frank Beddor, Jr., a Minnesota businessman, and avid quattro enthusiast.  Mr.
Beddor's goal was to organize a car club for owners of Audi models equipped
with quattro all-wheel drive.  A firm believer of the quattro system, he
organized the quattro club to give Audi owners the opportunity to experience
the benefits of all-wheel-drive under high performance driving conditions,
learn various safety and performance driving skilles and share their
enthusiasm for driving Audi quattros.  Frank enlisted many experienced and
enthusiastic members to assist in organizing and conducting Driver safety
seminars throughout the country.  

Membership in the Quattro club was free (until Jan 1994)) in order to attract
more members.  A newsletter was produced and mailings about promotions and
driver safety seminars were sent to all members.  Audi of America assisted
Frank in his efforts to establish a membership base within the U.S., although
A of Am was not directly affiliated with the Quattro club.

In late 1993, Frank incorporated a not for profit Minnesota Corporation with
the name "quattro club USA."  at that time a board of directors was appointed
to establish an independent organization with  it's own funding base.  In
January 1994, quattro Club USA conducted it's first membership dues
solicitation, with annual dues set at $36 per calendar year.  Renewals are
now based on anniversary dates.  This was the first time the club had ever
charged dues of any kind to fund it's existence.

How were the board members appointed?  Will there be elections this year?
 Nine board members were originally appointed in 1993 by the incorporator,
Frank Beddor, for a term  of three years.  As board vacancies have arisen,
the Board has elected qualified candidates to fill positions.  Board members
were appointed based upon their enthusiasm, volunteer support and previous
safety seminar participation.  This year three of the nine board positions
will be up for election by the members as specified in the bylaws and will
involve member participation.  Most likely the Quattro Quarterly will be the
vehicle for soliciting board nominations and ballots.