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Re: A4Q/radio

Seehack@aol.com writes:
> I believe the radio maybe due to the aerial.  On GALA, at first I did not
> notice any difference until I went into the set-up and set it to maximum.
>  Seems like you can either set none, middle (default) and maximum, 3 choices.
>  I now notice some slight difference but need more testing.   

I have played with GALA a little, and found that the effect is
quite subtle.  It does compensate the volume level but it is
difficult to discern, as it should.  A properly-functioning
GALA system should make the *apparent* sound level constant.
If you were to be able to hear the effects then it would be

BTW, the current issue of Motor Trend magazine has a review
article about the Audi/Bose stereo in the A4Q.  They gave it
high marks.

Also, the current issue of Road & Track magazine has an update
on their long-term-test A4Q.  They have put 14K miles on the car
and so far all is A-OK.  They have very good things to say about
the car, especially the quattro aspects.  They have also installed
a navigation system on the A4Q and there is a separate article
about it.


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