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Re: A couple of general questions...

At 07:21 AM 5/5/96 -0500, AudiDudi wrote:
>I've got a few general questions:
>3) When my car was caught in a cinder-storm a month ago, the intercooler got
>a good portion of its paint removed (along with that on the rest of the car)
>and I'd like to repaint it to improve its appearance ... any recommendations
>as to which type of paint to use so as not to compromise heat transfer?  Has
>anyone tried the radiator paint that's featured in the new Eastwood catalog?

I used the Eastwood paint on a big ol' a/c condensor on one of my
Mopars...someone had painted it w/regular black paint.  The regular paint
compromised heat transfer/airflow to the a/c and radiator to the point that
the car would eventually overheat with the a/c on (and a/c performance
sucked).  Pulled condensor, dipped/cleaned it, re-sprayed w/Eastwood paint,
and problem solved.........SLM

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