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RE: Q Club?

The Quattro club has a LOT of backing and filling to do with EXTREME 
emphasis on being open and up front before they'll ever see a 
shilling from me.  I suspect this also applies to most non-members 
who have read the accusations on this list.

Al Powell                           Voice:  409/845-2807

Yep, and it's not 100% fair. Accusations fly without accountability and rumors repeated here in bitspeakland instantly have credibility by virtue of the medium and world-wide instant dissemination. 
Propogators of misinformation rarely retract and correct their errors in the highly public and sensationalized manner in which the accusations typically fly. Individuals are free to respond instantly, they represent only themselves and have essentially zero accountability for what they may allege. 
Someone representing the QC has a very different situation to deal with, not an easy one - that's fer sure! Let's try to be openminded and not convict till all the evidence (we can get) has been examined.