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Re: '90 coupe quattro 20V mods

In a message dated 96-05-06 12:56:29 EDT, you write:

>This one is on behalf of a friend...
>Has anyone heard of or performed a turbo mod on one of the 20V coupes? 
>What would it entail?  Is said owner contemplating such utterly insane or
>cna it be done theoretically?  Is an engine swap the real answer?

I think the man to talk with on that one is Frank Sprongl at Four Star
Racing. Last time I went up to see him, his shop was in the process of two
turbo conversions on street cars. Needless to say, very clean professional
work, and a great guy to talk with!

-Chris Semple
Concord, NH
     '87 4000csq
          '84 4000sq
               '83 TQC