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Re: Socal UrQ Mechanic Request

> Lori is looking for a UrQ maechanic east of the 57 freeway.
> Let me know so I can compile your responces into my database.
> I will forward to her, since she may or may not be lurking.
> Here is her plea:
> > My car has been making 
> >buzzing/warbling noises that were tentatively diagnosed two months 
> >ago by Vasek Polak as "bad propeller shaft."  This week it developed 
> >a frightening shimmy that I hope is phase next of "bad propeller 
> >shaft" rather than yet another problem.  The fact is, I'm afraid to 
> >drive it now anywhere but to someone who can fix it.
> >If you could give me ANY names of ANYONE in the LA area who is 
> >competent to work on my car, I would really appreciate it.
I've never experienced it in a quattro, but I have been in a car where 
the prop-shaft went, and it did cause some major vibration.  OTOH, on my 
urQ the problem was simply that a bearing went bad, so all that I noticed 
was the "bad bearing" sound.  

If I remember correctly Lori does have an urQ, so it is possible to rebuild
the driveshaft if it indeed has failed.  I'm sorry that I can't recommend 
any repair facilities in So CA, but if you need more info on the driveshaft
let me know ... I might even happen to have some parts lying around ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)