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Solomon's A/C

> From: "Solomon Ngan" <sngan@alpha.netaccess.on.ca>

> Bad news from the shop, they just told me that I needed a/c 
> compressor and condensor.  Both are leaking.  For a '90 audi 
> 90 with 160,000 km,  I may be expected, or not !!!
> In anyway, anyone knows good shop in the Northern NewYork state area 
> or Michicgan area where they can do the job for me.
> I 've also misplaced my file on audi part suppliers, such as Carson.  
> Could someone kindly send it to me or post it again.

Solomon - some of the A/C compressors on Audis are Delcos, and are 
available for surprisingly few $$ on the aftermarket.  (I bought one 
for my '84 5KT at NAPA for about $125....but haven't had to replace 
the one on my '90, thank heavens...)  That's one I'd try to get from 
NAPA locally just to see what happens!  Condensor ought to be 
available thru them as well.

IMO, buying A/C systems from Delco/GM is a smart move for many 
manufacturers.  Even Rolls-Royce uses GM  aircon parts - they're 
a good system.

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