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84 4000S Quattro For Sale

1984 4000S Quattro For Sale. California car, silver, brown interior, PW, PS,
PL, PB, sunroof, cruise, AC, AM/FM Cassette. New master cylinder, new
exhaust. 133k highway miles. Moving-must sell by 5/20/96. San Francisco
area. $3,100 or best offer.

To contact me by mail please use the following addresses:
rsroesler@aol.com, or roesler@ipro.com. To contact me by phone please call:
415 929-7746.
Rob Roesler
Internet Profiles Corporation
785 Market Street, 13th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone 415 975-5533, Fax 415 975-5818
roesler@ipro.com, http://www.ipro.com