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Carbon metallic brake pads????

Them folks at Marin MotorSports are selling Carbon Metallic brake pads for
our Audi's. In street and full race versions.

Has anyone tried these pads?

Are they like Carbon pads or do the metallic bits just dilute the braking power?
Sorta like get the glazing and black dust without any braking improvement?

Thanks for any insight.

I'll see how much moohla I can squirrel out of my RAM fund. Nice that RAM
prices have fallen like Audi resale after the Intended Depreciation affair.

87 5000s. Erratic brake pad low warning. Crooked sunroof. Needs to have K&N
Ansa aluminized main muffler still holding at 2 years in salty central NY.
Non-bent BBS wheels.(Probably shouldn't have typed that)
Regular contributor to Audi god and burns 4 candles at night.

Ernest Wong