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1987 4KCSQ questions(new owner)

Hello fellow Audiphiles,

	I just purchased a 1987 4000CS Quattro, and have alot of questions not
answered in the archives. So here goes.

1.  Does the 4kcsq have a lower front grill?  It looks as though it should but
mine seems to be missing it.

2.  What is the purpose of the lenses(light?) at front bumper level to the
inside of the turn signal lenses?  Is it where a fog light should go?

3.  How do you reset the OXS idiot light?  I have heard there is a button
behind the instrument panel but have not been able to find it.

4. Has anyone successfully installed 6x9 speakers in the back deck?

Well thats a good start for now.  I am sure I will learn alot for this group.
 Thanks for your support.  I have never owned anything but an Audi(which is
not that big of a statement since I have only been driving for 6 years) but I
swear by them, and am REALLY impressed with the my new 4kcsq.


Herbert Michel Hucks IV                 http://www4.ncsu.edu/~hmhucks/
North Carolina State University

1983 5kS  ,  1987 4kCSQ

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