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Re: quattro-digest V3 #445

>I'm looking to change the ECU chipset on my '93 S4s, and some recommend
>T.A.P, who claim +60-65Hp and +70ft/lbs of torque. Others say only use Joe
>Hoppen Motorsport, which claims around +43Hp and unknown torque. The TAP
>fellow is very helpful and clear, and since the Euro car mag piece on Hoppen
>S6 I can't get through to talk to them!
>I'd appreciate some guidance. Passing on these narrow and winding Vermont 2
>laners I need some more oommph!

Check the archives.... T.A.P. = CRAP...  They specialize in making 
engines go BOOOOMMMMMM!  Have you tried Ned Ritchie at Intended 

BTW I don't know how it was but some one just put a T.A.P. chip in their 
S6 and published their 30-70mph 3rd gear times, and they were slower than 
my 5KCSTQ w/stock turbo and 10 Valve motor.......


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO