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European Car mag.

	I bought the latest issue of European Car Mag from USA. It's
  a good Mag.  there is Hoppen S6 310 H.P. .
  at some column there is an interesting Audi news
    1. A4 30V. 193 HP. is available
    2. AUDI S8 around 340 HP with 6 speed
    3. AUDI S6 Plus V8 320 HP 6 speed
    4. picture of 98 A6 ,looks like a bigger version of TT.
       CVT automatic is also available.
  in the same issue is Danan 540i Supercharge..!! Hoppen S6 then looks
  a little bit too slow.

	Yeah with this kind of information ,I suscribed to European Car	
			Ok bye