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Dan's Engine, Etc.

Fellow Audians - the beauty and generosity of this list puts a broad 
smile on my face. The daily headlines/sound bites we are all 
continually bombarded by tend to make one forget that many decent and 
amazing folks still exist. I'll be sending a token of my appreciation 
directly to the fellow who started all of this. If I remember 
correctly (it's been a few years) you can give another a fairly 
substancial sum of money (I believe it was $3K during the early 
1980's) as a gift and it's not taxable income (some one out there must 
know the current figure). Given the goodwill, synergy and other 
benefits Audi has derived and will continue to derive from this list, 
I was thinking that in lieu of giving DS a new A8, AofA should sell a 
brand new turbo motor to DS for some very nominal amount e.g. whatever 
Audi's bare cost is. If anyone has any ideas on how we might help this 
take place, let us know (do we all write AofA a letter?). Greg