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91 200 TQ

Just went and looked at the 200 TQ Dan posted the other day, and it was also
mentioned as being put in the Boston Globe. I'm not interested in it, but I'll
give you the details if anyone else is.

1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro, 20 valve, 76K miles, brilliant black w/ red
pinstripe, sport seats w/ graphite leather, original owner, garaged, mint
condition, assumable extended warranty for $35, good till 3/30/98 or 100K
miles, fully maintained, including synthetic oil, all service records,
extras; all belts, incl. timing, and brakes replaced @ 63K, ask $17,500,
North of Boston (508) 887-8752 or email to pfrdbrg@massmed.org

I talked to guy last night, has done all of the maintenace to date, even just
replaced the catalitic convertor due to it rattling (it still rattles) at a cost
of $1200, the car sounded perfect! But, if you like a nice body on your car,
forget this one. The interior is in good shape (if you detailed it, it would be
like new minus the driver's side floor matt), but you can tell no one ever
regularly took care of it.

The car drove VERY NICELY. Very fast, very smooth and straight, very tight, but
shifting from 1-2 and 2-3 was not as smooth as my old goat.

The body of the car IS IN POOR SHAPE. It has scratches on virtually the entire
car, the front left fender has been repainted, and the paint is in poor
(cracking) shape on parts of the hood. It has two very, very small dings on it,
and one large DING on the roof between the rain gutter and window on the
passenger side. It is about 1/4" deep, 3" long and 1/2" wide.

It has the SPORT SEATS WHICH ARE ABSOULTELY BEAUTIFUL! They are black, as with
the rest of the interior.

If you were a body man (it doesn't really need any body work, just paint), and
could do a real nice job painting the car for cheap, this is the one. However,
if you don't want to paint it, get use to scratches (I really wondered how some
got in there, some were deep, some were not, most had very weird patterns, like
somebody poured dust all over the car, took very heavy school books and drug
them across the surface).

BTW, it has the UFO's, but the owner has not ever changed the rotors because
they have not been a problem.

Oh well, my search continues!

Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

87 5KSQ
Now I want a 91 200 TQ with a black interior with sport seats