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What is up with QCUSA?

I have recently joined the Audi owners ranks (A4Q) and have a few questions 
that maybe someone can answer for me:

1)  What the heck is the deal with the QCUSA?  I got an application from them 
yesterday, and they SEEM fine, but this list is making me wonder if, as one 
member put it, my money should "go to gas".  What is the scoop and the 
trouble?  I spent two weeks on the road at multimedia shows, dropped off the 
list, re-joined and see all these posting about some financial 
troubles/disclosure problems.  Please advise...

2)  In my A4Q, there is a bell or ringing sound when my foot is on the brake 
and the car is stopped.  It happens when the car is in or out of gear.  Anyone 
ever hear of this? 

3)  What's an S4?  I don't want to sound like a fool, and I have been an Audi 
fan for 10 of my 23 years, but this one model has escaped me.

Jon Linkov