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Re: 4000Q that won't start after a good rain?

   Sounds like the ignition is getting wet, killing the spark. Confirm this
   by pulling a plug wire, stick a screwdriver in, hold the shaft of the
   screwdriver near (1/4") unpainted metal engine part, and crank (works

Just connect the spark plug to a wire and hold the plug to a good ground

   better with two people!) If you get spark between screwdriver and
   engine, ignition is OK. No spark, check  distributor, rotor, wires, plug
   gap. Good luck. HTH.

Something that bit me was that when wet, the distributor tended to arc
across to the metal RF shield, causing a very random and intermittent
hard-start and/or rough idle and/or poor cruising performance condition(s).

Pulled the metal shield off, radio works fine, and no more wet problems.