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Re: Mercedes S class vs. V8 vs A8

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> There is NO other car like the A8!  I have driven a few of the possible
> competitors, including the 740iL, which comes sorta close, but there is
> no sedan like the A8 out there.  It tracks perfectly without being nervous,
> it is supple, yet direct, firm yet smooth, powerful yet civilized.

now, if it can become the same kind of sales success that the a4 is,
it would mean a real happy future for us audi enthusiasts.  the word
from europe is encouraging.

btw, have they figured out yet why the a4 is so successful?  because
if they can then they should put the same magic elixir into the new

on a sadder note, audi is now ever closer to building a **** truck.  i
read in CAR that it hasn't gotten final board approval yet, but
serious thought have been given and preliminary planning has been
done.  the beast will be built exclusively here in the US and a
partner in the project is being considered as well.

the word is also that audi will not be entering the minivan market.

some dealers are apparently not happy about the california a8s.
supposedly the cars are not supposed to arrive till later at some
official launch.