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Re: Oil Filters

Regarding all the posts about oil filters:  it is not necessarily "better"
that the filter material in one filter is thicker than that in another.  It
may result in more pressure drop and therefore reduced oil flow.  I don't
necessarily "swear" by Fram; I've just haven't had any problems using them
in the last 25 or so years.

Has anybody seen accumulated enough actual mileage on cars with the
different brands of oil filters to be able to say that "my engine lasts
longer when I use brand X oil filters"?  I don't see how else you could
honestly evaluate the performance of oil filter brands.

Has anybody seen anything on the "Deutz" (sp?) brand oil filters carried by
AutoZone parts stores?  They had some literature claiming they filtered more
effectively than Fram, A/C, or Motorcraft.  I'm pretty sure they're German made.

Hugh Odom
81 Coupe (gone but not forgotten)
91 Ford Ranger
53 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe