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Re: oil filters, dealers, and red Audis

>>>>The only difference I could discern between the two oil filters is the
"turbo" label on the $17 filter.  That always struct me as odd, since my
Coupe isn't turbocharged.  Could it be that Barrier was foisting a more
expensive filter on me, all for the greater glory of their profits?

Not that a dealer would ever gouge you, but if you're gonna get it, at least at
Barrier (and University) you get great service when you get gouged.  These guys
wear white shirts and ties AND know what they're doing.  Try a parts department
somewhere on the east coast sometime...

BTW, was in Seattle, WA last week.  Saw this pristine, very modified, red 84 4KQ
in a parking lot in Bellevue.  Waited for owner to return.  Turns out it was the
Parts and Service Director for Barrier motors.  Very cool gentleman.  Gave him
info to subscribe to q-list.  

Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD 
87 4KCSQ