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Re: It's Hammer Time QCUSA... Long

At 12:13 PM 5/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Well I kinda expected the stonewalling from QCUSA... It's not the first 
>time.... Enclosed (With Full Permission of the NWR Quattro Club and our 
>listmiester) is the letters which led to the Cessision of the NWRQC from 
>QCUSA.  At that time QCUSA buried their head in the sand just like they 
>are doing now.  I too have seen some of the behavior mentioned in the 
>letters first hand at events and it's no way for any orginization to 
>present themselves.


I have heard both sides of the story (straight from the mouths of Karen and
Stan), have read all the correspondence, and was present at the Nov. '95 PIR
event when the poop flew.

I'm no sap, mind you; rather, I feel I'm quite bright.  BUT... I still don't
see clearly who's at fault here.  Sure, it's easy to flame QCUSA.  It's been
in formal existence now for about 2 years or LESS, doesn't have its act
together, and hasn't given you a satisfactory response to your questions (if
such a beast exists).  But why don't you give Stan Sokol a call and talk to
him personally.  BTW, ask him where the NW region newsletters are (I'm a
paid NW region member, and haven't got anything but event mailings and QCUSA
vs NWQC political stuff).

What you'll quickly find is that Stan is a nice guy.  But, you'll also
realize that he is quite opinionated.  Probably rightly so -- he has a clear
vision where he wants the club to go.  Its obvious that this vision differs
from QCUSA's vision.  If you put Stan, Kent Anderson, and Karen in a closed
room, it would be tough to fit their egos all in.  You'd also have to call
911 to breakup up the domestic.

I suggested to Stan that his (our NW region club) seperate from national
because there is no way the key figures of the NW region club will ever be
able to work WITH QCUSA staff.  The personality, ego, and attitude mix is
all wrong.  Everyone wants to be chief.  And everyone has a different idea
on how to run the club.

I think our NW region expected too much from National.  National doesn't
have its act together now; it was much worse in 11/95.  We shouldn't have
paniced at the last minute and asked them to send Kent and the helmets out.
We should have sourced helmets and a lead instructor locally.  Then we
should have established the chain of command (Alex, Al, Stan, then Karen and
Kent or some reasonable combination) BEFORE the event, and divide up the
tasks ahead of time.  Instead, everyone stood around looking at each other.
No one stepped up and took charge.  When someone finally did, the poop flew.

I think most of the members of our regional club are like me.  We're
interested in events and friendships NOT POLITICS.  I had fun at the Nov.
event because I realized early that it was totally disorganized and did my
own thing.  A disorganized event gets you plenty of track time if you are
enlightened early enough.  BTW, I paid only $100 for the two days at PIR.
QCUSA has a special rate for instructors in training.  Don't get me wrong; I
want to instruct.  I think it will be several years, 50+ days on the track,
and a few more SCCA or Team Continental schools before I'd feel comfortable
with doing it though.

Eric, I'm starting to ramble.  One final comment.  I don't think you will
ever get the straight answer off this list.  Don't wait for Karen or Stan to
call you; they won't.  Call them and ask the hard questions like I did.
Maybe you'll be lucky and be able to do what I haven't -- sort this mess
out!  Maybe you're more interested in the politics than I am...


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8