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Re: To 1.8, or not to 1.8?

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Eliot Lim wrote:

> did you talk to a salesman or the sales manager?  i usually hear
> different things, with the stuff from the sales manager much closer
> to the truth.  the salesman may be perceiving that you are hot for
> an A4 and in order to meet his sales quota, would like you to purchase
> a A4 12V right now instead of waiting for the 1.8.

I talked to a sales guy at University.  Good guy.  I can't remember his 
name, but he's the guy with the German accent.  I was able to shoot the 
breeze with him for 30 minutes without a single sales pitch, and I 
convinced him that my sources (this list) said that there was going to be 
a 1.8 for the US.  The other guy, in Tacoma, wasn't as easy to convince.  
He had an A4 quattro on the lot too, but he wouldn't let me drive it!  
They also had a "1991" 200 FWD on their used lot without the flared 
fenders, and an "M" in the VIN code, hmmm...
> the service department is also starting to receive 1.8t material such
> as technical manuals and such....

That seems to clinch it.  Isn't there someone on the list who actually 
place on order for a 1.8?

> this could be either MSRP or simply the second sticker
> (i.e. additional dealer markup).  i do believe that the A4's price is
> being financed by sales in other markets.  perhaps audi is discovering
> that they don't need to sell it that cheaply after all, since the 328i
> is quite a ways off and the market is reacting too favorably to their
> competitive pricing.

I believe that is exactly what I was told.