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Mother's Back to Black

I bought some Mother's back to black (saved a post from March) on recommendation
of list personnel.

Stuff works very good, I washed my car and scrubbed my bumpers and mirrors with
a greenie (ya know, the green pad attached to the back of my kitchen sponge).
After it dried, put the stuff on liberally (used about 1/2 bottle for whole car,
back bumper is badddd), also put it on the colored sections of the bumpers below
the black. 
Looks very good. However, I park it outside, and the portions that had dew
settle on them need another coat, I ended up putting it on at 6 P.M., I don't
think it had a really good chance to dry, as instructions say.

Got the stuff at Pep Boys (I love going there, they just opened in my area in
CT, kinda like when Home Depot opened), it's about $5 for 8 oz. Less than the
cost of an automatic car wash.

I also bought the new Zymol car wash, it comes in a tall, clear bottle (I think
12 or 16 oz). The stuff is great! It's like using the real Zymol was on your car
(carnauba paste wax). It seems to be very good car wash, and it smells like your
on a beach with girls who have on coconut oil! Cost - $7 a bottle.

Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

87 5KSQ