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Re: Radio gaga

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Bermes say:

> Well, the old Delta/Audi stock radio is doing some funky stuff.  When I 
> turn up/down the volume, the radio goes off.  When I push the volume 
> button for the scan, sometimes it goes off as well.  What's the 
> verdict?  Funky connection, bad radio, bad on/off switch?  Appreciate 
> any info.....

Dead/dying radio. The Delta's suck, and this is their typical
failure mode.

The dealer will replace it for about $75, but why bother? It's
an inferior unit. When mine died, I pitched it, and put in a
sweet Kenwood CD player. No other changes needed (the stock speakers
are really good with a decent head unit). $300 and 2 years later, 
I'm enjoying much better sound than before....


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