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Funky radio


When I bought my used 89 200TQ  a few months back my Delta radio had the same problem with
the on/off switch. Changing the volume would intermittently turn off the radio. I took the unit
apart  and tried to find a loose connection but access to the switch was restricted. I ended up
getting a rebuilt unit from the dealer for $70 as I also had the problem with the "mushy" pre-
select station buttons. I don't know if these "rebuilt" radios are still available though.
Scott M.

Subject: Radio gaga
Scott asks:
>Well, the old Delta/Audi stock radio is doing some funky stuff.  When I 
>turn up/down the volume, the radio goes off.  When I push the volume 
>button for the scan, sometimes it goes off as well.  What's the 
>verdict?  Funky connection, bad radio, bad on/off switch?  Appreciate 
>any info.....
>89 200tqw