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My new A4Q

I've been lurking on this list for a while, but last week I finally
made the decision to buy an A4 Quattro.  I was able to find one here
in the San Diego area that I liked (5-speed, silver, sunroof, sport 
steering wheel -- it was apparently one of the cars on the floor at 
the SD auto show last month), and I drove it home late last week.  So
far I love it! I've owned a lot of cars over the years, but this is the
first one that lets me understand what they mean when they say a car is
"refined."  It just does everything like it's supposed to, smoothly and
with no fuss.

I have two questions:  (so far... :-)

1. I've seen mention of a "Schaumberg throttle body" that is supposed
to improve low end torque.  Can someone tell me more about this?  What
does it consist of?  How hard is it to install?  What's the cost?
What does it do to fuel economy, etc.?  Where can I get one?  (I guess 
that's already more than two questions...)

2. Is there an ownership group in San Diego or in the Southern
California area?


--Walt Thode (happy new A4Q owner)