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Re: 30V V6 A4

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Patel, Karteek wrote:

>  For model yr. 1997, Audi USA will be selling the A4 with the 1.8T V4

no, not V4, but I4... :)

> engine, and the A6 with the 30V V6.  There are no plans to sell an A4 with a
> 30V V6 this next model year (according to their dealer mtgs.).

> ...or should I order the 12V?

this parallels the release schedule in europe.  the A6 is the first
receipient of the 30V.  the A4 is not even available with the 30V
in europe at this time, so i think that it will be quite a while
before it gets here.  maybe 1997 1/2 if we're lucky.

should you wait?  i guess it depends on how happy you are with your
current car.  if i'm buying an A4 i would plan to keep it a long time,
so i would like it to have the latest in technology,  which is why the
s6 is no longer a viable choice.  you could go the more expensive route
and buy the 12V now and trade it in for the 30V later if you cannot