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Re: The New Audi repair cost unit...

>So does my non-Q 87 5000s use the AoA Pento that is equivalent to $18 of
>our US dollar?

Well in my neck of the woods the Pento would be $11.43 Retail and $8.50 
Cost (That's why I've been taking so long Graydon!) So I think that Dave 
has a great Idea here and we should use it....... Except for one 
drawback..... There is no accountability when you spend the Qewsa... Are 
you sure that the money is actually going for the parts or services or is 
it getting syphoned off into some sort of slush fund.....  Hmmmm.......

I like the Qewsa though  If I use it for pricing my suspension kit it 
would go for 34.72 Qewsa!  Cool! ...........Let's see a qcusa Driving 
event is what something like 7 Qewsa?


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO