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mexico cars: parts source ?

Hi q-heads:

just got back from a Mexican vacation.  seems the list was busy last
week--36 digests over 800k. ummm...still working my way through the stuff.  

my subject line:  spent a week in Mazatlan, saw lots of VWs (bugs, type ii,
jettas, a passat) lots of nissans, chebby and dodge (but few ford) trucks
(looking much cleaner than anything else around there) a few old renaults
etc.  did not see a single audi, then again, wasn't particularly looking for
them.  however:

on the one passat (mid-80s dasher in the US) and several bugs, i saw the
cars equipped with H4 headlamp systems.  the bugs are easy--standard 7"
round light you can buy here too.  but the passat had an aerodynamic
headlight on it, which got me to thinking--might one find H4 headlamp
systems more easily south of the border?  or be able to order them there?
i'd guess it would be easier in Mexico City as opposed to the resort
communities like Mazatlan.  just a thought.  any list members from Mexico?

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