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Them Audi Gods!!

THey did it to me again today!
For a while, my computer kept beeping and flashing at me with the red 
triangle and exclamation mark. I figured I MIGHT be low on hydraulic 
fluid, and I was correct. I bought the Pentosil today ($34 Canadian! 
UGH!), topped up the resoviour and the computer shut right up. 
But the evil Audi Gods just HAD to get one more scoff in today. When I 
opened the Pentosin bottle, I noticed it had a little ring to pull on to 
open the plastic cover. I pulled it, and got Pentosil splotches all over 
my shirt and the driveway!  GRRR!!!!!!
(Looking upwards) Come on, Audi Gods. BE NICE TO ME! I bought one of your 
wonderful beasts, so be nice! :)