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Ticking sound from engine??

Howdy All,

     Seems as of a couple days ago the quattro has decided to grace me with
yet another funny noise.  This is an ' 86 4KCSQ, it sounds like a ticking
noise and increases or decreases accordingly with engine rpms, is anyone
thinking valves like I am?  But the odd thing is that it's very sporadic, but
it does seem to be doing it with more frequency....  Also the damned odometer
stopped working, but that I can live without.  One last question and I'll
leave you guys alone, has anyone ever had a car checked before buying by
those "mobile" diagnostics services or any diagnostic service for that
matter?  Well thanks for the input folks!

' 86 4KCSQ
' 77 Firebird (soon to be gone)
' 71 AAR Cuda (it's alive, it's alive!!)