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RE: Need Help

I have the same car and my gas milage has dropped from 21-23mpg down to 17-18mpg (per tank)over the past 
6 months, also HP seems to be down about 5-10%. I replaced air filter, and O2 sensor to no avail. Someone 
suggested that this may be a vacume leak bbecause when removing the  oil cap when engine is running the car 
should stall and mine doesn't. However the boys at the Quattro garage say this is not true on this car.

The fuels system is treated with Redline additives monthly and allways gets 92 octane.

The problem still illudes me, I do not have the stalling at intersections that you do, however my idle will sort 
of bounce of the bottom (RPM's) accasionaly at stops.

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