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Auto Trans Problems

     Just when I thought that replacing pads and rotors at all four corners 
     would appease the Gods for some time and allow me a summer of trouble 
     free Audi driving pleasure, my 92 100 CSQW (automatic) decided to show 
     me what a real sacrifice could be. The day after a 400 mile trip, it 
     started spewing transmission fluid out of the breather.  Take 
     transmission fluid.  Drip it onto a conveniently located hot catalytic 
     converter and you get the picture.  The transmission was still 
     shifting smoothly except for a slight hesitancy going into 3rd and 
     even more into 4th.  As the car was seven months and/or 700 miles out 
     of warranty, my first impulse was to avoid the dealer.  It took a 
     major transmission repair chain an hour to realize that they couldn't 
     even check the fluid level.  They sent me to an independent shop who 
     couldn't do much with it either.  So, I ended up at the dealer, 
     Premier Motors in Albuquerque.  They diagnosed an internal problem and 
     said the transmission would have to be replaced.  (Insert gasping, 
     choking sounds here) But, they also felt that a transmission shouldn't 
     die at 50k miles.  To make a long post short, without any screaming or 
     jumping up and down by me, AoA picked up the total cost of the 
     transmission and its' replacement.  So what could have been the 
     ultimate sacrifice (I'm told in the $5K range) ended up renewing my 
     faith in AoA and my local dealer.  I'm wondering if anyone has 
     experienced or heard of problems with the auto tranny's in 92+ 
     quattros.  I had a good conversation with the Audi tech at Premier 
     Motors and he said this is only the second one he has seen with any 
     major problems at all.
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100CSQW (With new transmission)
     90 Mazda 626 GT

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Peter Schulz writes:
> Everything passed but I still got a reject sticker because...
> I didn't have the front License plate mounted!
> I'll be busy with my power drill tonight...

Before you drill anything...

Maybe you can use double-stick tape to put the front plate on
just for the inspection, and take the whole thing off afterwards?
(Just to make the thing look authentic, maybe put faux screw-heads
on the plate holes :-))?

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