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Re: A4 CD changers

At 04:01 PM 5/2/96 -0400, Steven_Kim@mail.roe.com wrote:
>     Does anyone know where I can get a used factory cd changer that would 
>     work on the A4?  I called around scrap yards and they told me things 
>     like these are usually taken by the tow truck operators first.

I've been investigating lower price (less than the $800 the dealer wants) CD
Changers.  At this specific point in time, there is no other CD Changer that
can be used with the A4 radio.  It is manufactured by Alpine specifically to
work with the Delta radio.  In fact, if you try to plug a different Alpine
changer into the existing wiring, you will blow out the changer.

Help is on the way.  According to a seemingly very knowledgeable guy at the
Framingham, MA Tweeter store, PI, the company who makes their adaptor kits
is expected to have an Audi adapter within a month!  It will allow A4 owners
to use a different Alpine changer (the something-601).  The price of the
changer is ~$380, plus $100 for installation, including the adaptor.

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