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Re: Big Brother in Mass....

[great idea from Ti Kan]

Would Ma. authorities make one buy another front plate if, say the old
front plate got eaten by a nice big snowbank. It did snow pretty hard in Ma
this winter. Just wonderin'.

If not one can jury rig the plate at a nice 45degree tilted back and use
the airfoil as a downforce creating device unter the front bumper.

>Peter Schulz writes:
>> Everything passed but I still got a reject sticker because...
>> I didn't have the front License plate mounted!
>> I'll be busy with my power drill tonight...
>Before you drill anything...
>Maybe you can use double-stick tape to put the front plate on
>just for the inspection, and take the whole thing off afterwards?
>(Just to make the thing look authentic, maybe put faux screw-heads
>on the plate holes :-))?
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Ernest Wong