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Re: more boost

OK, just one last reply

>......  Gee, seems peters piping might have cost him more than just

Wrong, all this attention has sold 11 chips to list members, about $2500 and
thank you all very much:)

>Peter, whether you WANT to believe it or not, there is a wee bit of
>knowlege on this list...  

I know there is a lot of knowledge on the list and Mr Houcks posting proved
he had a good knowledge of the CPU. However I still havent seen anyone else
answer the question in a practical manner, explaining how to allow the boost
pressure to be raised, so that someone who has little or no electronics
experience could actually go down to Radio Shack and spend $5 and get the
parts and do it. 

I did. 

RDH went into enormous detail, all of which was useless as no values for
parts were given, or where to put them or what the software changes should
be. I'm sure he knows, but it must be a secret, which kindof defeats the
object of the group. Even if he were to give us all the benefit of his
wisdom, how many people who didn't know how to do the zener mod would have
an EPROM programmer handy?

I am happy to agree that the system proposed by Mr Houcks is a good way of
doing it, and I have an even better way, but that wasn't what was asked so I
gave the answer in a simple explanatory manner which I hope answered the
question. Nobody has asked for more info so I assume it did.

>Mr. Houck did a fine job of cleansing his socks,

Wrong again!! I told him to unknot his knickers (a very english expression)
He went off and washed them (although I can't imagine what made him soil
them) his socks never entered the discussion. Please read what is written
before you criticise it, it saves so much bandwidth.

>me thinks you better ck your tea before you drink it....

Why, are his socks in there, or maybe his knickers :)

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