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RE: Throttle body

Count me in the "interested" group.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>ejfluhr@ulc231.residence.gatech.edu wrote:
>> Thanks for the disappointing news, Chris.  :)
>> So, is there something in the design of the throttle body of the I5
>> that prevents the same mod from working?  Maybe the 5-cyl TB's are
>> already large enough that it would make much of a difference?
>> Later,
>> Eric
>> Eric J. Fluhr                    gt6493c@prism.gatech.edu :: Georgia Tech!
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>Just thought I'd let you know that I told Todd ("The Judge") that I
>will compile all 
>of the responses that I get about the throttle body for the NA I-5 and
>forward them to 
>him.  If you like I can put your name on a copy as well.  Any others
>that are 
>interested, please let me know as well.
>I think that there should be _some_ gains to be had.  I was looking at
>a spare TB the 
>other day and it looked like that there was either room to enlarge one
>of the ports 
>inside, or even to bore the whole thing out and have just one large
>butterfly valve.  
>Might make it a little hard to control at low RPM's however.  Any
>comments anybody?
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