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Re: Big Brother in Mass....

Ernest Wong asks:-

>Would Ma. authorities make one buy another front plate if, say the old
>front plate got eaten by a nice big snowbank. It did snow pretty hard in Ma
>this winter. Just wonderin'.
...you bet your butt they would!!   Just like if you reverse into a snowbank
and loose your rear plate they make you replace it.

As a matter of interest, it is only the newer plates that have to be front and
rear.  If you have an older plate (green letters) you only need a rear plate.
If you registered in the last year or so and got the plates with the red
lettering, you have to have both front and rear.

Paul (with tacky red plate spoiling the look of the front of his 5KCSTQ)

ps.  I think this requirement was to ensure a good laser target??