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oil pressure switch questions

Hi Audi fans,

I'm planning to replace the defected oil pressure switch on my '87 5kcst. 
Since I want to make sure I'll get the appropriate oil pressure switch, I 
want to confirm with the list first before I make any decision. The oil 
pressure switch that needed to replace is the one that has the black/brown? 
insulator and with a black rubber boot. It's located at the right side of 
the engine block(face toward the rear); it's the bottom one not the upper. 
I checked with the friendly dealer yesterday, and they showed me the one 
that like this:

PN: 0289190810   
0.15 - 0.35 bar
Blue insulator

They told me that this is a kinda new or revised one, but it should right 
for my car. So, is that the right one? Is the one I needed to replace should
from 0.15 - 0.35 bar? 

Another question is, will the engine oil spill out when I take the oil 
pressure switch out?  Oh, btw, it's summer time now, should I change the 
engine oil to Mobil 15w-50 or just leave it to  Mobil 10w-30 ? 
I would appreciate any suggestions/inputs.

Thank You
	Very Much

Albert Ng  
'87 5000CS Turbo 
Bloomington, Indiana.