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CD Changer in Glove Box & other questions

I'm thinking of getting a CD changer for my '92 100 CSQ. I have the
Audi/Bose radio that must take a CD changer through an FM  modulator. That
glove box is pretty big and there are some pretty small CD changers out
there. Any thoughts about that?

I poked around a bit in the trunk but didn't really see anything obvious,
but if I put the CD changer in the trunk, is anything prewired? Is there a
cable to the radio antenna there?  There's a jack under the front armrest
where the cupholders are; is that for the CD controller? I don't think
it's for a phone since photos in the owner's manual show the phone inside
the arm rest. If it is for the changer controller, I don't think it would
do me much good since I'd have to find a changer that would work with the

Doug Rudoff                 Seattle, WA                     drudoff@spry.com