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V8-Price Check

I tried posting this response earlier, but my BBS is having problems, both
it's email, and admitting a problem that obviously exists.  I've also noticed

that none of my posts for the last 2 days have been posted to the list, so
I assume that those haven't arrived either.

If they rain in all at once, you listers will know why....they were relevant
at the time i wrote them ;)

 nicosisj@ldcl1.dnet.dupont.com asks:

 > There's a 1992 V8 Quattro pearlescent white with 33,000 miles on it,
 > priced at $32,995 for sale in a local auto locator.  Is this a
 > realistic price for this car????It seems high to me,  approximately
 > double what I think it's worth....Please let me know your opinions.....

 > Sal Nicosia
 > '87 5KCSTQ

   You have to take the mileage into consideration.

   A car with average mileage on the clock is worth:

   wholesale(clean): $27,050
   retail(clean): $30,450
   clean =above average 

   So the price isn't that far off of retail. Dealer probably threw in a few 
extra g's for negotiations sake.