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Coupe q Color and Mag Reviews...

Hi all, 

Last week I went to the library and looked up the old magazine reviews of the Coupe q.

One of the reviews was of a yellow one, the other two were of a pearl one.

I have photocopied of these reviews - R&T, Motor Trend and C&D, all September 1989...

If anyone is interested in copies of these, let me know. It'll probably take a week or so, but I'll get 
them out to you...

Question... I'm putting a CD Changer in the well of the trunk of the Coupe (perfect fit, BTW) I have 
the Bentley, but can anyone tell me from practical experience how to disassemble the rear seats 
and console? TIA.

Also, the styrofoam basket around the tools in this well is ripped in half, does anyone have or 
know where a replacement can be found? Big $$$ or Little $$$?

Todd - Akron, Oh
'90 Coupe q
lots o' other lesser beasts