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1990 Coupe Q - Fuel consumption?

HAYASHI  TAKAYUKI <hayasht@ecf.toronto.edu>


>I just bought an used 1990 Coupe Q. from a friend of mine three weeks ago.
>I have been very happy with the car except for one problem.  I am only 
>getting around 7km/litre (or 14.3litre/100km) with 100% city driving.
>Is this normal?   The fuel consumption seems kind of high to me.  

Let's see, I average about 23mpg for local, 26 Highway. which is about
27.60 k/gallon and 31.2 k/gallon.  Who's got the conversion from liters
to gallons???

Anyone know of a website with english/metric conversions for that matter???

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro