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A4 front license plate (was: Big Brother in Mass..)

Speaking of front license plates, I'd like to take the one on my
A4Q off.  I tried doing so, and found that there are four ugly
holes drilled through the front bumper cover to mount the
license plate frame.  These holes are not even symmetric or
even.  They look like they were done as an afterthought.  Very

This is unlike my other Audis where the bumper holes were
factory original and can be covered with nice plastic caps.

I can't think of a graceful way to cover these up, especially
that the car (and therefore the bumper) is in pearlescent white,
short of replacing the whole front bumper cover.  That would
be excessively expensive just for this purpose...).

Any collective wisdom out there?  Do all you other A4 owners
out there have the same ugly holes on your front bumpers?

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