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Re: Rough Starting 5KS

   My '88 5KS ( 71k miles) has recently been exhibiting a strange behavior when
   starting.  Right after I feel the engine fire up, it will have an
   *extremely* rough idle.  The car will shake and the engine will make
   coughing/sputtering sounds (as if its not getting enough fuel).  This all
   lasts for about 5 - 10 seconds.  Then, almost instantly, the engine will
   smooth out and idle normally.  I normally do not touch the accelerator
   during startup, but if I do during this rough idling (very lightly, in an
   attempt to get it running) the engine will stall.

   Also, sometimes it will take two or three attempts to get the engine to
   start (this is before the rough stuff begins).

   This seems to happen only during cold starts.

Sounds kinda like a flakey control pressure regulator, which is more-or-
less responsible for "cold enrichment" via increased fuel system pressure
that tapers off to normal as it warms up. I think the '88 era still used
that system, and didn't rely on the ECU for complete cold enrichment.

Pull the plug(s) after a 5-10-second cough/sputter/die, and see if they
are wet or dry, to figure which way the fuel is off (assuming it's not
ignition flakes).

   I've tried different gasolines without success.  The car had a full tune up
   less than 10k miles ago.  I'm using Castrol GTX 20/50 (changed less than 1k
   miles ago).  After the engine does start and idles smoothly, it runs great!!

   So, what's going on here?!? I would greatly appretiate any

Good Luck!