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The Bose Emporor Has No Clothes

My Thanks to Arun Rao for pointing out the obvious - that he wasn't 
sure he heard anything from the dash speakers in his Bose system.
I haven't heard anything either.  So I went back to it at lunch and 
popped off the "speaker grille".  I put that in quotations because 
THERE ARE NO SPEAKERS UNDER THERE!   I previously assumed 
they were hidden off to the side - but then I got two brain cells 
functional at the same time (rare event, trust me) and looked at 
the "speaker grille" had removed.  Actual cognition occurred!!!  
(That's an even more rare event...)

What kind of a "speaker grille" is made out of solid cardboard 1/8" 
thick, with no perforations?

One which has NO SPEAKER underneath!!

IF I can't find any speakers under those dash holes, and;
IF the grilles are made of solid cardboard, and;
IF there is no reason to put a speaker under a solid block of 
cardboard, and;
IF we suppose that the people who designed the sound system know that 
sound does not travel well through solid cardboard, then:

I assert that there are no damn speakers in the dashboard holes of my 
1990 200, formerly of the Bose persuasion!  This car has never been a 
six-speaker setup; only a four-speaker setup!  

Arun, thanks for prompting me to look at those "speaker grilles" 
again.   Only you were sharp enough to wonder if the "emperor HAD any 
clothes!"  He does not.

OY.  Is it the weekend yet??????

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