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Moving to COLUMBUS, OH

Hi all,

Finally quit my job and am moving in 2 weeks.  I'll be in COLUMBUS, OH from
6/1/96 through 11/1/96 almost coninuously.  Since I'll be there so long I got my
new company to pay miles instead of renting me a car soooo I'll have the 5KCSTQ.
Any and all list members that are in that area (I know there are a few prominent
ones anyway) that might have a little time - especially if your doing any major
contstruction on your beasts or doing some performance stuff or racing - all the
milage money is going back into the car - STEADIRIC - I'll be calling you !!
Please give me an e-mail.  I'll be in a hotel the whole time so I don't now my
address there yet.

Thanks all!!!!

Randy Paquette